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Mobile Marketing is the use of the mobile medium as a means of Marketing Communication. e-Training Institute’s Mobile Marketing Certification Course helps participants to learn the best practices for interacting with the Mobile Consumer; Security and Privacy Issues, Social integration, asking the right questions, and launching mobile campaigns that impact sales and brand loyalty.

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Key Features

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    2+ Hours of High Quality e-Learning Content

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    Case studies with B2B examples

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    Quizzes to track progress

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    Course Access Validity - 90 Days

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    Covers the comprehensive areas in Mobile Marketing

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    Simulation exam

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    Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Content

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    Course completion certificate


Course Preview

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Mobile Marketing
Lesson 2 - Mobile Products and Services
Lesson 3 - Incentives and Loyalty Programs
Lesson 4 - Location Opportunities
Lesson 5 - Mobile Advertising
Lesson 6 - Communicating with Mobile Audiences
Lesson 7 - Rules and Regulations
Lesson 8 - Mobile Measurement
Lesson 9 - Integrating Mobile and Other Disciplines
  • What is this course about?
    Mobile Marketing is the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication.

    The Mobile Marketing Foundations course from E-Training Institute takes participants through the basic concepts in Mobile Marketing and related fields in Digital Marketing. With this course, participants can learn the best practices to interact with a mobile customer, security and privacy issues, social integration, asking the right questions, and launching mobile campaigns that impact sales and brand loyalty.
  • Who should do this certification?

    This course is most suited for-

    • Business owners
    • Managers or marketers who work either in marketing or want to improve their knowledge of mobile
    • Any professional or a fresh graduate interested to enter the Digital Marketing field
  • What will I be able to do after the Training?

    By the end of this course, participants will be able to-

    1. Understand Mobile devices, core mobile product and service offerings
    2. Understand Mobile Advertising and Search
    3. Knowledge of Incentives and Loyalty Programs
    4. Combining Mobile with Other Channels
    5. Learn how to market a business on mobile platform through mobile marketing and social media
    6. In-depth knowledge of Mobile Rules and Regulations
    7. Gain expertise and knowledge of Mobile Marketing Measurement and Analytics
  • What are the career benefits in-store for you?
    • Get an industry-recognized certificate from OMCP and e-Training Institute which opens up various career opportunities
    • More than 2,700 job ads were posted online in March 2015 for Mobile Marketers in Nigeria. This is a 55% increase in the volume of job ads compared to March of 2011
    • Provide skills and expertise for expanding businesses to a wider geographical area by marketing it through mobile
    • Employers are shifting toward freelance and contract workers to find the higher-level skill sets they need, rather than hiring full-time marketers. This trend open gates for multiple industries for participants. One can also work as a part-time freelancer
  • Why is the certification most sought-after?

    Mobile Marketing certification is one of the rapidly growing professional certification in the digital marketing space which prepare participants to become an expert in marketing any business on mobile. Few pointers which highlight Mobile Marketing as one of the most sought after certification are:

    • Prepares participant to become an expert in marketing any business on mobile platform
    • After successful completion of the training program, a participant not only becomes capable to track and monitor mobile marketing performance but will also be able to plan, conceptualize and implement mobile marketing strategy on his own
    • Provides recognition of professional competence in the digital marketing industry
    • The demand for digital marketers is expected to surge in 2016 as companies clamor to hire technically skilled employees.
    • 38% of employers plan to hire more digital marketing professionals this year than they did a year ago, according to the report
    • As demand for digital marketers’ increases, salaries are expected to tick upward as well.

    Participants upon the completion of the Mobile Marketing course can earn the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) certification

    Certification Overview:

    OMCP is the industry’s premier certification for online marketing professionals who have completed extensive training from qualified providers. Designed for digital marketing scholars, the OMCP demonstrates a thorough knowledge of online marketing concepts and best practices across one or more digital marketing disciplines.

    Certification Benefits:

    • An OMCP Certification demonstrates your expertise in your chosen digital marketing discipline
    • Increases recognition by peers, employers, and recruiters globally
    • Enables better job performance due to industry relevant knowledge and latest trade practices
    • Enhances career/promotion opportunities due to the addition of in-depth domain specific skillset
  • Why choose e-Training Institution for your training?
    1.  Trusted by companies as their learning provider for career growth and training
    2. Trusted by Nigeria’s biggest companies as their learning provider for career growth & training
    3. All our Courses are designed and developed under a tried and tested Unique Learning Framework that is proven to deliver 98.6% pass rate in first attempt
    4. Accredited, Approved and Recognized as a training institute, partner, education provider and examination center in Nigeria
    5.  Boast of training facilitators who have expert years of experience 
    6. Flexible learning options & affordable prices
    7. Quality training content & certification guaranteed

Exam & Certification

  • What are the prerequisites for the certification?

    This course is most suited for-

    • Business owners
    • Managers or marketers who work either in marketing or want to improve their knowledge of mobile
    • Any professional or a fresh graduate interested to enter the Digital Marketing field


  • What is the online marketing field all about?

    Digital marketing or online marketing field is the electronic commerce vertical which uses the World Wide Web and email for advertising and marketing purposes. Obtaining leads and sales conversions are the prime focal areas of this field..

  • What are the key highlights of the course?

    The course is an all-inclusive package providing 25+ hours of high quality e-learning content. You can also test your progress with our online quiz and get a feel of the real-time world with our downloadable workbooks and exercises. Finally our practice tests will help you to confidently take the exam and get certified with ease.

  • What topics does the training cover?

    Our training package gives you a complete feel of the Online marketing concepts by covering a diverse set of topics.

  • Is the training relevant with the times?

    e-Training Institute strives to provide best quality content which is latest and up-to -date with the industry standards. Our experienced and certified trainers, Subject Matter Experts constantly research on the latest trends to infuse them into our training programs. Every change happening in the market is immediately considered and our training packages are regularly upgraded and updated.

  • How long will I be spending on the training?

    You will be spending around 25- 30 hours to complete the certification..

  • What are the prerequisites to attend the training?

    Individuals are expected to have a fair idea on popular search engines and working knowledge of the MS Office suite which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Along with this, knowledge on the sections- ‘Introduction to Online Marketing’ and ‘Internet Marketing Fundamentals’ are also recommended. Therefore it is advised that students complete the above sections before getting into the complex components of the course.

  • Do I have to order any course material?

    Our training program is an all-inclusive package with materials included. The package consists of enriching video lessons, downloadable workbooks for practice, end of chapter quiz, practice exercises and sample projects.

  • Do you provide any group discounts for online training programs?

    Yes, we have group discount packages for online training programs. Contact to know more about the group discounts.

  • Tell me more about your authors?

    Our reputed authors team have a long innings with the industry and are certified Subject Matter Experts in their own respective fields. They are consultants, employees of leading organizations, authors, trainers or speakers at conferences with adequate experience.

    • Google's very own 'Digital Marketing Evangelist', Avinash Kaushik a master in Web Analytics trains participants to collect, organize, analyze web traffic data and improve the site performance.
    • Jennifer Cario, Social media authority provides an insight on building real customer relationships using techniques and strategies ideal for the social media.
    • Industry expert Todd Malicoat is there for participants to clear their queries on Search Engine Optimization rankings and traffic.
    • Training with NY-Times bestselling author Bryan Eisenberg is an awesome experience as he guides participants through conversion optimization, landing page performances and tips to get more traffic to your website.
    • Matt Bailey, founder and president of SiteLogic gives participants an overview of Internet marketing fundamentals.
    • Jeff, CMO at Mobivity gives audience a thorough knowledge on mobile marketing.
  • Who are your clientele for this course?

    Audience, attending our training is usually working professionals, who are looking forward to sharpen and upgrade their skills to face the competitive careers. Professionals in entry and mid-level positions find our training ideal.

  • Do you provide assistance for the Certification?

    Yes, we do provide guidance and assistance for OMCP certification exam.

  • Are there specific industry exams I'll be prepared for?

    e-Training Institute training helps students to prepare for the OMCP® (Online Marketing Certified Professional) or OMCA™ (Online Marketing Certified Associate) certifications.

  • Tell me more about the OMCP certification?/a>

    OMCP is the industry’s gold standard for professionals who have completed extensive training and possess several years of online marketing experience. The credential validates knowledge of online marketing concepts and best practices across one or several online marketing verticals.

  • How is the job market for Online marketing professionals?

    The job market is wide open for online marketing certified professionals as an estimated 200,000+ positions are still unfilled in various specialties of digital marketing. This has led to the rise in demand for skilled professionals and the industry looks very bright for the future with a plethora of opportunities. e-Training Institute’s training prepares novice individuals and experienced professionals to gain a firm ground in the online marketing vertical by enhancing and advancing their skills and knowledge.

  • What are the job and pay prospects after I get certified?

    The certification is a stamp of approval for domain knowledge in the field of online marketing. This enhances the job prospects of individuals enabling them to gain entry in various large companies and other top organizations. The job market is very hot and there is a very strong demand to fill positions in the future.

  • How does the online self-learning training work?

    Students enrolled for the course move through a structured pattern of study, which allows them to study at their own pace and place. The training is packaged with the latest video lessons and e-learning content to get a complete overview of all the concepts.

  • How do I enroll for the Online Training?

    You can enroll for this training through our website. Payment can be made using any of the following options:

    • Visa debit/credit card
    • Master Card
    • PayPal
    • Naira Mastercard

    Once the online payment is done, you will receive an e-mail notification within 24hrs.

  • Will the access period be extended?

    Yes, access period can be extended by paying an additional fee. Contact for more information.

  • I have trouble accessing the online course whom should I contact?

    Please send an email to You can also chat with us to get an instant solution.

  • Does the course fee include the examination fee as well?

    No, the course fee is not inclusive of the examination fee.

  • How do I enroll for OMCA/ OMCP Exam?

    The OMCP Exam is online proctored, so there’s no need to travel or wait. To schedule your online exam session, Please send an email to

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